Emergency support for the global legal community

Legal innovation community support.

Support for the legal community during global health crisis.

Dear Members,

The global legal community is responding rapidly to the emerging global health crisis. Lawyers and legal profesionnals all over the world have been thrust into unfamiliar work environments virtually overnight. As many of you react quickly to the changing work environment to ensure the continuity of your practices and the safety of your families, the LIC has been communicating with our member organizations to find you support. Together we will move forward.

The list below represents software for the legal community that may be relevant to your area of practice. All contributors have agreed to provide you their services for free for at least the next 60 days. This list is being updated on an ongoing basis so please check back regularly. You may also wish to sign up for e-mail alerts so we can keep you updated about ongoing developments relevant to the legal community including additional offers of assistance.